"A wonderful read..." August 27, 2011
From the begining I found myself pulled into an exciting story, with pace, interesting characters and a wonderful insight to the concept of past life regression/sleep therapy. Uniquely romantic, without mushy sentiment. Thought provoking - I soon found myself analysing my own life and relationships and wondering if my soul had known these people before. - Emma J. Brown

Twin Flames Review August 2, 2011
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The characters are all very interesting and you quickly become invested in their lives. Next time you meet someone or go somewhere and get that deja vu feeling; you will remember this book. I look forward to Debbie's next book. - Patty

Highly recommended November 10, 2011
From the first page of Twin Flames, I was hooked. It's a classy and enjoyable read. Natalia and Marc sizzle on the page, with some well thought out paranormal elements that really add a nice touch. Also, past lift regressions are just plain cool, but I don't want to give away too much. Although every character is vibrant and believable, Mariella stood out. Probably because she reminds me of a family member :) For me, this really speaks to Christiana's skill as a writer. Pick up this book! - Christopher Poe

"An author to watch!" October 31, 2011
Twin Flames is riveting. The author weaves a fun and interesting storyline around the 2 main characters and their companions using historical and paranormal elements. I'm looking forward to a sequel. - Laura O'Brian

"A book worth reading!" October 19, 2011
The book Twin Flames by Debbie Christiana is pure entertainment from cover to cover. I quickly become pulled in to the storyline and the characters are written so brilliantly that I still think about them as if I once knew them. I can't wait to see what happens in the sequel. - Anne Marie

"There is so much to enjoy." October 13, 2011
There is so much to enjoy in Twin Flames, by first-time author Debbie Christiana. This book is not a straight out romance. Sure, romance plays a part in the story, but the interesting thing is the way Christiana has fleshed out her story with the notion of past lives and their impact upon the central characters. Twin Flames grabbed my interest from page one with its tight storyline, and it held me in its thrall until the end.

Our heroine, Natalia, a winery owner from Connecticut, travels with friends to New York for a day of shopping and meets by chance--or is it fate--our hero, Marc, a chef. From here, we start a journey that challenges our concepts of soul mates and the bond of love-ever-after.

Christiana's characters are full bodied, complete with flaws that add a layer of realism and provide impetus to a well-crafted plot--a plot that refuses to compromise with the sort of guaranteed happy ending you can spot five chapters from the end. Natalia and Marc have to be brave and face their insecurities and fears in order to earn their happiness--just like you and me. It's real life, but without the heavy shopping bags to carry and the empty toilet roll left for you to replace. Whether this is a trait of women's fiction, I have no idea. It's not a genre I've wet my toes with too often.

For those wanting some steam with their romance, you won't be disappointed. The sex is hot, and fits snugly into the plot. Twin Flames made me laugh, cry, and a few times growl in frustration--a stubborn woman suffering from the effects of insomnia will not always make the best of decisions.

Special mention should be made of the level of research Christiana has obviously undertaken in regards to sleep therapy and past-life-regression. Both topics are handled with great skill, and the reader experiences each session with a sense of realism that is a the credit to the author. - Taylor

"This book made me think." October 13, 2011
Twin Flames by Debbie Christiana is an interesting book. Although, women's fiction is not a genre I normally read or care for, I thoroughly enjoyed Twin Flames. The book is fun to read and contains some very interesting and enlightening concepts. It made me laugh, made me scream at the characters in frustration, and it also made me think.

Christiana's characters are three dimensional, well-rounded, and entertaining--and you have to hand it to an author who has the balls to make her heroine twelve years older than the hero! Yes, you heard me right--she was 12 years older than he was. My first thought when I encountered the age difference was: "Oh, hell, that'll never work." But it did. Marc and Natalia just seem to fit together naturally, the way soul mates should. And while the ending was satisfying and right for the story, because this isn't a romance, I wasn't sure what kind of an ending I'd get. After all, we aren't assured of a happily-ever-after-type of ending in women's fiction. Kind of like endings in real life. You aren't assured of a happy one there either. Now, I'm not saying there wasn't such an ending, and I'm not saying there was. You'll have to read the book to find out. But you won't be disappointed by the ending either. And that's not been my experience with a lot of women's fiction.

I particularly enjoyed the past-life regression part of Twin Flames. Not to give anything in the plot away, I loved all the different stories and the roles the characters played in their past lives as they tried to figure out their connection in this one--even though none of those past lives were exactly pleasant for Marc and Natalia.

Christiana did her homework, too. The techniques she describes in both the sleep clinic and the past-life regression sessions are accurately portrayed. I checked, of course, but more importantly, the story has a ring of truth that only comes from extensive research. - Reggie

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