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Sometimes the past won’t stay where it belongs.

Marc and Natalia are settling into parenthood, but can’t shake the feeling of déjà vu when it comes to their new baby.

Sensing they’ve been a family before and something horrible happened, they journey back in time, through hypnotic regression, to eighteenth century Belgium. Here they relive a shocking lifetime that challenges their love more than any other, and brings repercussions back into their present life.

Last time, remembering their past lives brought Marc and Natalia together, this time it may tear them apart.

She’d never met him before, or had she?

The last thing forty-year-old Natalia Santagario expected was to be sitting on a Manhattan barstool, ogling a man she’s never met, but swears she knows.

He didn’t know her at all, or did he?

The mysterious dark-haired woman at the end of the bar stops twenty-eight-year old Marc Tremonti in his tracks. His head says she’s a stranger, but his heart tells him otherwise.

Together they embark on an adventure that will change their lives forever.

Marc’s aunt Mariella, an expert in reincarnation, persuades them to relive their past to help explain their enigmatic attraction. As they open the doors to their past lives, they discover they have been lovers for hundreds of lives, are connected by an ancient bond, and are considered Twin Flame soul mates.But their reunion in this life is complicated by an almost ex-wife, a temporary bout of amnesia and a mischievous and meddling ghost with its own agenda. Will their strong connection find a way to bring them together? Or is this the lifetime they must go their separate ways?

by Debbie Christiana
BN ID: 2940016669786
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1626940177
Publisher: Black Opal Books

"Forever Flames is well-written but much too short for me. As always, Christiana leaves you wanting more." Taylor Jones, Reviewer

"The story is well-written, the characters are believable and charming and the plot is strong with some very interesting twists and turns." Regan Murphy, Reviewer

March 2015. As well as writing paranormal romance, I also write short, dark fiction and have been lucky to have a few, but not all, of my stories accepted into anthologies. One of my stories, The Land of the Rising Sun, is included in BITES: Ten Tales of Vampires. Now available on amazon kindle for 99¢.

While labeled a collection of short dark stories, I'd say half of them include a romance of some sort. My story is set in Japan after an earthquake and a team of vampires are called in as a "search and rescue team."

My hero saves a woman from the rubble of a fallen building, then falls in love with her, although she's not who she seems.

Dark stories don't always have a happy ending, (some do) but ... Read More